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APPRENTICESHIP NEWSLETTER FEBRUARY 2023 February 28, 2023 This February, the Office of Apprenticeship is proud to recognize and celebrate Black History Month! Registered Apprenticeship is a workforce solution that actively promotes diversity and inclusion in the workplace - including race, gender, sexual orientation, and ability. In honor of Black History Month, the newsletter points out new diversity and inclusion resources available on the Office of Apprenticeship’s website, a request for information related to an upcoming funding opportunity centered on equity, and more.

OFFICE OF APPRENTICESHIP CELEBRATION OF BLACK HISTORY MONTH Go to to read success stories and learn more about the ways that the Department of Labor (DOL) is supporting the black community through Registered apprenticeship by increasing awareness and access to good jobs and creating more diverse, inclusive, equitable, and accessible workplaces. In addition, view success stories including that of Brandon Cooley and Tyrell Horton, case studies, and other resources to equip you in growing diversity, equity, inclusion, and accessibility through Registered Apprenticeship. VIEW PAGE

INDUSTRY INTERMEDIARY REQUEST FOR INFORMATION DOL just announced a new Request for Information (RFI) related to an upcoming Industry Intermediary funding opportunity. It requests information from organizations on their ability to successfully complete launch, promote, and expand multi-employer Registered Apprenticeship models, and increase the percentage of opportunities for under-represented populations. The Department will use this information in preparation for the issuance of two future Request for Proposals. Consider submitting your organizations’ information! The RFI will close on March 2, 2023. LEARN MORE

NEW REGISTERED APPRENTICESHIP EVALUATIONS DOL has published three new Registered Apprenticeship Evaluations focused on youth Registered Apprenticeship expansion and understanding the capacity of state apprenticeship systems. “Models of Youth Registered Apprenticeship Expansion: Evidence from the Youth Apprenticeship Readiness Grants” describes the experiences of the DOL-funded Youth Apprenticeship Readiness Grantees (YARG) and organizes the grantees into a typology of youth apprenticeship expansion models. “Youth Apprenticeship in the United States: Apprenticeship Evidence-Building Portfolio” describes the state of youth apprenticeship in the United States, reviews existing state youth apprenticeship systems, and describes the organization and partnerships of the Youth Apprenticeship Readiness grantees. “Understanding the Capacity of State Apprenticeship Systems: Apprenticeship Evidence- Building Portfolio” provides an overview of federal support for state apprenticeship systems, and describes how state systems vary across several dimensions such as registration of programs, employer and apprentice recruitment, provision of financial incentives, and expansion of apprenticeship in rural areas.

DOL EVENTS CELEBRATE BLACK HISTORY MONTH DOL has hosted a series of events in honor of Black History Month, including a panel discussion on “Black Businesses Building Good Jobs” a conversation on the importance of centering equity and job quality in the implementation of historic federal investments in infrastructure, clean energy, manufacturing, and technology as well as the value of Registered apprenticeship an F, and “Making Equity Real: Black Workers and Good Jobs,” developed by the DOL’s Good Jobs Initiative in partnership with its Chief Diversity and Equity Officer. Check these and other DOL resources on the Good Jobs Initiative and improving the well-being of all underserved, marginalized, and excluded communities. LEARN MORE

BLACK WOMEN IN INCLUSIVE APPRENTICESHIPS WEBINAR Join DOL’s Office of Disability Employment Policy (ODEP) and the Office of Apprenticeship for a webinar honoring Black History Month on Tuesday, February 28th, at 2:00 p.m. ET. This virtual event will feature apprentices as well as guests from the Partnership on Inclusive Apprenticeship (PIA), an initiative funded by ODEP. PIA’s experts will share resources, tools, and ideas to help you create inclusive apprenticeship programs that are appealing to apprentices from underrepresented groups. During the webinar, you will also hear success stories from Black female apprentices and learn about the many benefits of apprenticeship. REGISTER NOW MORE NEWS & UPDATES

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