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Updated: Jun 19, 2023

In today’s tight labor market, your company culture shouldn’t be a secret! Human resources and marketing need to work hand and hand to help attract the talent you need.

What to share on your social media channels :

Don’t keep it a secret – share stories & pictures about employee events and success stories

· Anniversaries – Do you have long term employees? Celebrate their commitment to your company. If you offer rewards for length of service talk about it.

· Internal Promotions – Internal promotions show you care about your employee’s future. Make sure to let the world know when you promote from within.

· Degrees or certificates achieved while working – Do you offer education assistance? Tell the story by sharing when employees take advantage of your benefits.

· Personal celebrations – Did you throw a baby shower during lunch for someone or bring in cookies for a birthday? This is a great opportunity to show how much you care about your employee’s personal life.

· Company Outings – Have you organize company outings? I.e. group baseball games, or bowling leagues. Talk about it, work life balance is an important tool to attracting and retaining quality employees.

· High Achievers – Have you achieved any records? Most items picked, days without injury, etc.

· Wellness programs – Did your company sponsor a biggest looser competition? Do you have an athlete on your team or offer workout facilities?

· Volunteer program / employee match – Does your company have a volunteer program or employee matching program? Share how much you care about your employees causes.

Grow your followers:

· Make sure to brand your images – your company’s logo should be on every image you share.

· Don’t use too many words on photo – Share the story in the comment or picture description area.

· Tag – Encourage your employees to follow you on social media and tag them in success stories.

· Use hashtags: #employeeappreciation, #employeewellness, #employeesuccess. Hashtags help draw attention to your posts.

· Find groups and participate - Find groups related to your industry, location or specific skills and participate in discussions or share relevant information from your personal profile.

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