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Meeting your Next Employer Virtually

Updated: Jun 19, 2023

Employers in Southeastern Wisconsin are looking to hire. However, hiring is looking very different from what it looked like just months ago. We were once able to attend job center recruitments, large job fairs in banquet halls, or in person interviews at area businesses. Now, we are being encouraged to “join a virtual interview ” or “attend a virtual recruitment ”.

Here are some tips to help you prepare so you can confidently meet your next employer without leaving your home.

1. Don’t fret. It is normal to feel nervous about job interviews. Therefore, it's completely understandable to have anxiety about interviewing in a virtual environment. Don’t fear, employers understand, as this is new for everyone.

The hiring manager you interview with may also be home, with construction outside or a noisy neighbor mowing the lawn. This could be their first time using a web platform for recruitment.

Confronting your worries, realizing that we’re all human, and practicing interviewing through Facetime or Zoom can help ease your anxiety level. Set aside some time to practice using the virtual platform with a family member or friend to prepare for the day of.

2. Use, purchase, or borrow technology equipped for virtual interviewing. Your Smartphone may be smart, but most of the time its not a smart choice for interviewing online. A better choice is to use a laptop for a smooth interview experience. Another good option may be to use a computer hard lined into the internet to ensure a consistent connection.

Using a phone or even relying on wifi can result in spotty connections, buffering, loosing audio or video and an annoying experience for you and the interviewer. If you possible, computers are the way to go for interviewing online. If not, see #1 and keep calm while using the technology that you have.

3. Set your environment up for success. Having children at home, dogs barking or cats trying to climb on your keyboard are all legitimate concerns you may have about interviewing from home. A private area to concentrate on the task at hand with no distractions are key to a successful conversation with your potential employer.

You don’t have to be in a “home office” to have a successful interview. Most professionals are working from home at kitchen or dining room tables. Request help from family or friends to keep your loved ones – yes, even the furry ones - entertained during your interview time.

If needed, do the interview in a bedroom or other secluded area in your home where you can close the door and limit noise and commotion. Just be sure your background is clean and free of anything distracting to your interviewer.

Find out some more dos and don’ts of being on camera during the interview here!

Now that you’re ready, follow us on Facebook to register to attend one of our area employer’s virtual recruitment's!

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