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What to expect at a Virtual Job Fair

Updated: Jun 19, 2023

Do you keep seeing advertisements for virtual job fairs but have no idea what that REALLY means? Are you interested in checking one out but want to know what you’re getting yourself into?

We are going to break down what to expect when attending a virtual job fair:

  1. Most virtual job fairs or recruitments are delivered on an internet-based meeting platform, like Zoom, GoToMeeting, WebEx or Microsoft Teams.

  2. One employer or several employers hiring for open positions will most likely be in individual rooms within the virtual platform waiting to talk with interested candidates, such as yourself.

  3. You may be asked to register for a time slot to speak with these individual employers and even get the opportunity to interview on the spot.

  4. You could be asked to upload your resume on the registration form; make sure its updated, proofed and accurate.

  5. You will likely enter into a virtual waiting room or lobby prior to meeting with the individual employer you are signed up to meet.

  6. A Job Fair host will welcome you and move you into the virtual room with an employer for a pre-determined length of time (30 mins is the average).

  7. Introductions will occur when you first speak to the employer. Have your 20 second “elevator speech” prepared.

  8. Your conversation with the employer or employers will resemble a traditional exchange or interview, just that it will be taking place through the computer via webcams and microphones/speakers.

  9. You will be given time to ask questions of the employer. Come prepared with topics, preferably based on research you completed on the company beforehand. Be sure to ask for next steps and contact information so that you can follow-up directly with the employer.

  10. In most instances, you will be asked to apply online after the conversation if you haven’t done so already.

Don’t let your apprehension of what to expect in a virtual job fair prevent you from registering for one. This virtual world is new for many of us, take advantage of it and land your next job on us! Follow us on Facebook to register and attend one of our area employer’s virtual job fairs!

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