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Workforce Exchange

Don’t lose your labor force during the COVID-19 shutdown.

If you are concerned about temporarily laying off your workers due to COVID-19 work stoppages, consider Workforce Exchange. With Workforce Exchange, you “lease” your employees to a company that has an emergency NEED for workers during the COVID-19 situation. You retain your labor force and they are again available to you once you re-open. The company with the labor need pays YOUR company for use of your labor force, you pay your employees while you are shut down and the company leasing them pays you.

Why use Workforce Exchange?

  • You keep your employees working and earning during the crisis so they are able to meet their bills and survive.

  • You worked hard recruiting and hiring your employees and putting your team together. With Workforce Exchange, your employees remain with you, and are available to return to your work schedule when you need them.

How does it work?

1) Company A is faced with laying off their workforce due to a shutdown because of COVID-19.

2) Company B is faced with an overwhelming labor need due to high demand for their products and services due to COVID-19.

3) Campany A and Company B enter into a simple contract whereby Company B leases employees from Company A.

4) Company A retains their employees and all labor costs are covered by Company B.

5) Company B gets a supply of needed workers, Company A keeps their workers employed and has access to them when they need them to return to work.

Are you an employer that is interested in Workforce Exchange? Please fill out this simple form to be contacted by one a member of our team. Southeastern Works is a free service provider - there is no charge for this service.

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